What is ISP and How does an ISP work, ISP full form, ISP services.

What is ISP and How does an ISP work, ISP full form, ISP services.

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After reading this article you will get information about how to start your own Internet service provider company or business.

What is the internet?

What is the Internet
What is the Internet?

Before knowing about ISP, at first, you must have the knowledge of the Internet, it helps to understand the ISP and its services.

The Internet is nothing but it is a vast collection of international computer networks, which enables you to get lots of information when you connected with the internet.

In other words, we can say that the Internet is a global system of computer networks (the network of networks) that connected the devices to each other with the help of Internet protocol(TCP/IP).

Now-a-days the Internet is very useful for every people. Using the internet every people connected to each other and sharing information between them is easy and real-time.

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When you want to connect to the internet at that time you need an ISP (Internet Service Provider). For example when you are calling (by mobile) to any people you need talk time, the same as, when you access the internet and internet services, you need the data and these data are provided by ISP.

Also when you want to build your own website or want to purchase hosting at that time you need an ISP. So, in general, we can say that the ISP provides internet access.

What is the ISP?

What is Internet Service Provider
What is Internet Service Provider

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. It is nothing but useful when we need to access the internet.

The ISPs were established in the year 1989 in Australia and also the USA. It started service providing to their customer at the end of 1989.

An Internet Service Provider is an organization or company which provides individuals and other organization to internet access and lots of internet servicesIt may take some amount or free of cost from the users to uses their services.

The services of Internet Service Provider are like Data, Website building, Domain and Hosting and it is also provided to access the internet and Internet services.

It uses the telecommunication line as equipment to provide services for the customer. The Internet Service Provider may be an International level organization or also may be a local or regional level Organization.

The International level ISPs provide services to their own level and also to small or regional ISPs. While local or regional ISPs provide services directly to the customer.

Here te example of international and regional ISPs are AT&T, IBM, MCI, Global Network, Netcom, and Bharti, etc.

Types of ISP(Internet Service Provider)?

Types of Internet service provider
Types of the Internet service provider?

The classification of Internet Service Provider is according to Its level and its services.

Classification of ISPs according to its level.

According to the ISPs level, it is divided into three parts they are written below.

  1. Tier-1 Internet Service Provider
  2. Tier-2 Internet Service Provider
  3. Tier-3 Internet Service Provider

1) Tier 1 ISP(Internet Service Provider):-

Tier 1 Internet Service Provider
Tier 1 Internet Service Provider

Under the Tier-1 category, all ISPs are large national and international level. These ISPs provide services to the big organizations, and they are also providing either national or international levels.

In this category, the ISPs are considered as the backbone of the internet and connected to the global internet backbone. It has a high-speed internet connection.

The region of this ISPs is global it means Tier-1 ISPs provide services between countries to countries. Without Tier-1 ISPs the internet traffic could not be transferred between multiple countries.

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The tier-1 ISPs provide services to another Tier-1 ISPs and binds an agreement between them for the free exchange of traffic and lots of information. The Tier-1 ISPs also provide the service to the Tier-2 and Tier-3 ISPs.

Example of the 10 International Tier 1 ISPs:-

Here is the list of the International ISPs which provide services in the USA, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and many other countries.

  1. AT&T
  2. Verizon
  3. Sprint (Softbank Broadband)
  4. SingTel
  5. StarHub
  6. NTT
  7. Japan Telecom (Softbank Broadband)
  8. KDDI
  9. PCCW
  10. PacNet (Asia Netcom)

Example of the Indian Tier 1 ISPs:-

Here is the top Indian Tier-1 ISPs, which provide services within India and also out of India, they are as follows.

  • Bharti
  • Reliance
  • Tata
  • VSNL

2) Tier-2 ISPs(Internet Service Provider):-

Tier 2 Internet Service Provider
Tier 2 Internet Service Provider

After Tier-1 the Tier-2 Internet service provider provides lots of services in regional wise. It connects to tier-1 and tier-2 ISPs and provides services who connects between tier-1 and tier-2.

The tier 2 ISPs exchange Internet traffic and information by using the peering agreements.

Here the examples of the Tier 2 ISPs:

  • Easynet
  • Vodafone
  • British Telekom

3) Tier 3 ISP (Internet Service Provider):

Tier 3 Internet Service Provider
Tier 3 Internet Service Provider?

After tier 1 and tier 2 the another ISP is tier 3. It is also an Internet service provider who provides rigorously buys internet transit.

The tier 3 ISPs are also known as the last-mile service provider who delivers Internet services or access to individuals, businesses, and residential areas.

This is also a regional ISPs, who offer services within the limit geographical areas.

Here the examples of the tier 3 ISP:

  1. Deutsche Telecom
  2. Comcast
  3. Verizon Communications

Classification of ISPs according to its services.

Types of Internet Service Provider
Types of Internet Service Provider

According to the services of ISP, it is divided into seven parts they are written below.

  1. Access provider
  2. Mailbox provider
  3. Hosting Provider
  4. Transit ISPs
  5. Virtual ISPs
  6. Free ISPs
  7. Wireless ISP

1) Access provider ISP:

These types of ISPs provide Internet access via two methods, such as wireless and wired. In the wired method, the ISP provides various devices to access the Internet for the customer such as telephone modems, cables, and fiber optics.

In the wireless methods includes Ethernet(wireless internet), mobile Internet, wifi, and satellite internet access. The ISP provides services to both individuals and small companies as well as home users.

The customer can get both services wireless and wired from his ISP according to his requirement.

2) Mailbox provider ISP:

The Mailbox provider is an organization which provides lots of services like domain name and also provides email services to send (text, documents, images, and videos), receives the mail and store emails for users, individuals, or the organizations.

The ISP also provides storage space for its users’ email boxes. Some of the ISPs are also access providers except the some of mailbox ISP like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc.

This type of ISP also provides the services to individuals, end customers, and small organizations.

3) Hosting Providers ISP:

This type of ISP provides Hosting services (Hosting is storage space on the internet where website or email are stored), email, and various online storage.

It also provides all types of hosting like a dedicated hosting server, virtual hosting, cloud hosting, and physical hosting.

The targeted customer of this ISP is an individual, end-users, and organization.

4) Transit ISPs:

Transit ISP is another type of ISP which provides a huge amount of internet bandwidth to another ISPs and customer for connecting both hosting ISP and access ISP.

The transit ISP is called the internet and IP Transit and sometimes also known as “upstream providers”.

5) Virtual ISP:-

The virtual ISP is also called VISP(Virtual ISP). This types of ISPs purchase services from another ISP it means other Internet Service Providers.

The customers of Virtual ISPs use the services(Internet Services) from which the VISP purchased it. Sometimes these ISPs are called wholesale ISPs.

6) Free ISP:-

The Free ISPs provide the service at free of cost, it means the users have no need to pay any services charge to his ISPs. Instead of service charges, the users may watch the advertisement provided by the ISPs like the commercial television channels while they connected.

In other words, we can say that the Free ISPs are selling the user’s attention to his advertiser.

7) Wireless ISP:-

Wireless ISPs uses wireless network technology. It provides Internet services through wireless networking such as wifi technology.

The users are enjoying Internet services without connecting any wires.

ISP Equipment(Technology) needed:

The Internet service provider uses various equipment or technologies. They are as follows:

  1. Dial-up:- It is a method that provides internet access. It uses telephone lines. Now-a-days the dial-up connection is rarely used because it provides slower internet connection. The speed of dial-up connection is in the KB, that is 40-50KB/S.
  2. DSL:- The DSL  stands for Digital Subscriber Lines, It is an extended version of Dial-up connections, it also uses the telephone lines but it provides the high-speed connection compare to a dial-up connection.
  3. Cable modem:- The cable modem also provides internet connections. The speed of the cable modem is faster than dial-up and DSL.
  4. Wireless Broadband (WIBB):- This is a new generation internet access technology, which allows accessing high-speed internet without any wires.
  5. Wi-Fi Internet:- Now a day the wi-fi internet connection is the most popular internet connection. It provides wireless connections faster than above all internet connections.
  6. Ethernet:- It is another type of internet connections which provides high-speed internet connection that is 10MB/S to 10GB/S.

How to see my internet service provider (ISP)?

You can see your internet service provider if you want. There are a few steps written below, which help you to find your ISP.

You can also see your current IP address, Location, and Hostname. If you really want to see follow these steps.

What is website to find my ISP
What is website to find my ISP?
  • After visiting the URL you will see your ISP, IP, Location, and Hostname like the below screenshot.


How does to see my ISP
How does to see my ISP?

When should I contact my ISP?

You can contact at any time for your ISP like you suffering from low internet speed, your network connection is weak, and you want to change your current plan.

How does an ISP work?

ISP is an organization which provides Internet services to another ISP and to end-users. It acts as a “data warehouse” or a “whole seller”. Some of the ISPs provide its services at free of cost and also it takes a charge to their services.

The working process of the ISPs is very simple. First, the ISP purchases the services from another ISPs and also from the other company who provides Internet services.

After purchasing the ISP distributes their services to the customer or also another ISPs like Commerical TV channels.


ISP vs IP:

ISP:- ISP stands for Interner service provider, It provides the lots of Internet services includes domain and hosting service, colocation, and email services.

IP:- While IP stands for Internet protocol, which helps to identify the system when it connected to the internet.

ISP:- It is a company or organizations which provides the service to another ISP and directly to the end-users.

IP:- It is a protocol or address. When any computer or mobiles are connected to the computer at that time it assigns a unique number, which identifies the computer or mobiles over the Internet.

ISP:- Example of ISPs are Bharti, Reliance, Tata, etc.

IP:- Example of IP is It means it a combination of numbers.

How to start an internet service provider company?

Starting the internet service provider company is not easy, but if you have well planning and enough resources, then you may start your own internet service provider company.

It is a big challenge for itself, who want to start his own internet service provider company.

To start an internet service provider company needs huge amount of money for the license, Internet bandwidth, equipment, and capital.

If you really want to start your own Internet service provider company, you must follow the following steps. It may help to do it.

  • You need a place to open your data center.
  • Needs some equipment like Router, Switch, Computer and so on.
  • Hi-speed fiber optical cable for internet.
  • Need a building and also customer management
  • Make your infrastructure.
  • Marketing.
  • Maintenence

How ISPs uses the Internet?

Internet is necessary for each ISPs because it can’t do anything without the Internet. It is connected to one or more Internet line, which is called a top-tier or backbone connection.

The Internet line provides hi-speed and high bandwidth internet connection. The internet speed is thousands of times faster than the home internet speed. Due to this reason, it provides a high-speed internet connection to their customers.

Some Internet Service Provider maintains multiple internet connections or their own servers. In case, if one connection has fail it uses another connection without affected their work. It also helpful to customers.

What are the ISP services?

Internet Service Provider provides lots of services, some of the services are written below:

  1. Internet services
  2. Domain services
  3. Hosting services
  4. colocation
  5. Email services

Example of ISP in India

  1. Bharti
  2. Reliance
  3. Tata
  4. VSNL

Who is my Internet services provider (ISP)?

Your internet service provider is maybe itself you and maybe another company that provides the internet service.

Example of ISPs are:-

  1. Cox
  2. Google Fiber
  3. SingTel
  4. StarHub
  5. NTT

Why do we need an ISP?

As we know that you can not establish your own Internet services because it costs lots of money. So, the customer needs an internet service provider.

The customer purchase lots of internet service from the ISPs. Services like Internet access, Email, Domain, and Hosting, etc.


So finally guys, I hope solved your problems related to the Internet service provider. If you have any query you can write your query in comments.

Thank you!

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