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DRCC full form:- District Registrar Counseling Center.

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What is DRCC Full Form?

The DRCC full form is the District Registrar cum Counseling Center. In Bihar under “7 commitments of  Chief minister” has total 7 mission are running they are

  1. Aarthik Hal, Yuvaonko Bal
  2. Har Ghar Bijli Lagatar
  3. Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal
  4. Avsar Badhe, Aage Padhe
  5. Shauchalay Nirmaan, Ghar Ka Sammaan
  6. Ghar Tak Pakki Gali – Naaliyan
  7. Aarthik Rozgar, Mahilaon Ko Adhikar

All the above missions are helpful for the only people of Bihar. The mission offers lots of services for different areas to improve the Skills, Employment, Self-Employment, and infrastructure of Bihar.

However, To apply the above all missions the people are going to DRCC to verify the documents. In every district of Bihar have at least one DRCC office to verify the documents.

What is DRCC?


It is a type of help center at the district level where the students and office person can apply and verify the documents for the various program runs under “7 commitments”. The programs are:

  1. Bihar Student Credit Card.
  2. Swayam Sahayata Bhatta.
  3. KYP (Kushal Yuva program).

The Bihar Student Credit Card is a program runs under “7 commitments” in Bihar. In this program or mission, the Bihar Government gives up to 4 lac rupees as a loan for the student to continue studying. This program is useful for the student who is economically week.

If students want to apply for the Bihar Student Credit Card they have to go to the DRCC office in their district, where they can apply and verify their documents. In DRCC all the documents are checked to verify that the students are eligible or not for that facility.

In Swayam Sahayata Bhatta the Bihar Govt gives one thousand (Rs 1000) Rupees to the young people who drop out the education and finding the job in Bihar. To apply the Swayam Sahayata Bhatta the applicant also has to go to the DRCC office in their district. In DRCC first, the documents are verified then decided they are eligible or not to apply for the Swayam Sahayata Bhatta program.

And last KYP offers to develop the Soft and Technical Skills and enhance the employment or self-employment for the young people of Bihar. Under this program, lots of courses are running which helpful for the young generation in Bihar. They are BS-CLS, BS-CIT, and BS-CSS.

These courses are launched especially in the Bihar to develop employment and self-employment for young people. So if the Young people are applying for the KYP they also go to the DRCC office to verify the documents.

Why we need to going DRCC?

We have lots of reasons to go to the DRCC. Some reasons are written below.

  • Apply Swayam Sahayata Bhatta.
  • To apply for the Bihar Student Credit Card.
  • To apply for the KYP program.
  • Verify the documents.
  • Making an inquiry about the “7 commitments of GOVT of Bihar”.

Where we find the DRCC office?

Every district of Bihar may have at least one DRCC office is opened. The student simply finds the DRCC office they should use the google map. The students also find the DRCC office in their district using their district official website.

FAQs for DRCC full form:

Below the list of FAQs are written they provide more knowledge about the DRCC:-

What is DRCC full form Kyp? 

In KYP the DRCC full form is District Registrar cum Counseling Center. The KYP is a part of “7 commitments of  Chief minister” which provides the soft skill to the young people in Bihar to develop the Employment and Self-Employment in Bihar.

The DRCC Patna full form:

The DRCC stands for District Registrar cum Counseling Center Patna.

DRCC helpline number:

The DRCC helpline number is 1800 3456 444. So If you want to know more helpline number for DRCC follow the below link:


What is DRCC toll-free number?

The DRCC toll-free number is 1800 3456 444 you can call to DRCC using this number free of cost.

How to check DRCC application status?

The applicant checks his application status using Bihar Skill Mission official website. Below the steps are written which helps you to find your DRCC application status.

  • Open the Bihar Skill Mission official website.
  • Enter Aadhar number and DRCC Registration Number.
  • And final search learner.


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