What is Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM or BIHARSDM)

Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM or BIHARDSM)

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What is Bihar Skill Development Mission?

As we know that Bihar is a Backword State. Most of the population in Bihar is non-technical and also there is no proper technology develop.

Most of the youngsters in Bihar are preparing for government jobs, and they are not focused on technology. Due to this reason, they are jobless and they are not self-employed in Bihar.

By considering all of these points. The Bihar government launched a mission to develop good technical and professional skills for increasing employability to the young people in Bihar.

The name of this mission is the Bihar skill development mission (BSDM or BIHARSDM). The Bihar skill development mission was established on 23rd June 2010 with lots of vision.

It is a society and registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860. Registration no of this Society is 896/2010-11. It runs under the Governing Council(GC), Executive Committee(EC), and State Programme Management Unit(SPMU).

This mission was started especially for young people, who are jobless in Bihar. The vision of this mission is to increase the manpower and technical skill to enhance employment and self-employment in Bihar.

The Bihar Skill Development Mission offers various courses at free of cost and started various centers to deliver better technical knowledge for young people. We will discuss later all the courses in this article.

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The Organization Structure of Bihar Skill Development Mission:-

Organization structure means, what is the concept of BSDM and how does it work. And also what is the role of the staff and offices in the BSDM. Buy Modafinil 200 mg online http://www.buymodafinilonlinefast.com/guide-to-ordering-modafinil-in-the-us/

We try to explain the organization of BSDM with the help of an image as follows:

Bihar Skill Development Mission Organization Structure
Bihar Skill Development Mission Organization Structure.

1) Governing Council:-

Work of the Governing Council is managing all activities and manage the program of this mission. It also gives the guidelines and directions to the employee according to its policy.

2) Executive Committee:-

All the affairs and funds of the mission are handled under the Executive Committee. And it also reviews the work progress of BSDM like Professional and Skills Development within the state.

3) CEO and Principal Secretary Labour Resources Department:-

It checks all the work of society is nicely conducted according to the provision of MOA and law of the society.

4) Mission Director of BSDM:-

Work of the Mission Director is to formation a Mission Task Force including Officers and Staffs to manage the society works.

5) State Program Management Unit (SPMU):-

The work of this unit is to support all the departments, program planning, developing monitoring systems, etc.

6) State Wise Implementation Support Agency:-

It provides qualified professionals, expertise, and experience to BSDM at State and Regional levels.

And it also develops the skill program using the software platform provided by the BSDM.

7) District Programme Management Unit (DPMU):-

It handles all the works at the district level such as placement facilities at the local level, handles the training, awareness building, etc.

Mission and Vision of Bihar Skill Development Mission or BSDM:

There are lots of mission and vision of the BSDM, They are as follows:-

  • Increase technical and professional skills.
  • Increase employment and self-employment.
  • Develop manpower.
  • Remove the unemployment in Bihar.
  • Increase the financial condition

The Objective of Bihar Skill Development Mission:

The mission was started with lots of objectives. some of the important objectives are mention below:

  • Enhance more employment opportunities in Bihar and also out of Bihar.
  • To enhance soft skills such as personality development, communication skills, typing, and computer knowledge for youth in Bihar.
  • To encourage the technical knowledge for youth who has passed class 10th or higher education in Bihar.
  • It produces training for both educated and uneducated or employed and unemployed people in Bihar.
  • To increase the manpower and self-employed in Bihar.

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The program runs under the Bihar Skill Development Mission:

Under BSDM two programs are running which is written below:

  1. Kushal Yuva Program (KYP)
  2. Domain Skilling

1) Kushal Yuva Program (KYP):-


The Kushal Yuva Program or KYP is a unique skill training program launched by the Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM). The KYP program has launched especially for young people who have passed at least 10th classes and maximum no limits.

The age limit for this program is 15-28 years. The age limit for SC/ST people is 33 years, Physically Disabled People (PwD) – 33 years, and for OBC 31 years.

Under this program, the learner can learn lots of skills such as Life Skills, Communication Skills (English and Hindi), and basic computer knowledge, which enable them to enhance their employability.

Bihar Skill Development Mission opened lots of Skill Development Centers within the Bihar at District, Block and regional level, where learners can enjoy the KYP Programs.

Objectives and Strategy Of Kushal Yuva Program (KYP):

The KYP program is a part of one of the “7 commitments of Chief Minister of Bihar” named “Aarthik Hal, Yuvaon ko Bal”. This program is especially for young people who have a minimum of 10th class passed with age between the 15-33 years.

The main objectives of KYP programs to enhance employment and self-employment for young people in Bihar.

The strategy of the KYP Program:-

KYP works mainly Four strategies to develop skills and ecosystems in Bihar. They are as follows:-

  • Capacity: Increase in training capacity:- 
    • It established at least one Skill development center (SDC) for each (534 blocks) in Bihar to improve the soft skills.
    • All the trainers of each SDC are certified by the TrainerOnline Certification (onCET) program.
  • Access: Increase in access:-
    • Youth get training in their Home Block because of SDC are provided in each block of Bihar.
    • It runs the social campaign at District and also State level as providing guidance to the youth of Bihar in particular programs.
  • Relevance: High relevance:-
    • It provides multiple skills such as Life Skills, Communication Skills (Hindi and English), and Computer Skills to develop youth’s soft skill.
    • It aims to get a shift from home to the employment areas to earn money.
  • Preception: Improve the preception:-
    • To improve the perception the Bihar Skill Development Mission provides the highly-qualified, highly-experienced, and well-certified trainer for each Skill development center.
    • It also provides the E-Learning mode which enables us to learn at the home of the youth.

Eligibility for taking admission in the Kushal Yuva Program:-

There is a  list of eligibilities to take admission in this program, they are as follows:-

  • The learner who wants to take admission in this program, his age must belong to 15-28 years.
  • For lower cast and disabled people the age limits are as follows: for SC/ST and PwD – 33 years, for OBC – 31 years.
  • Minimum qualification 10th passed and maximum no limit.
  • All those students who selected the self-help allowance, they must have to complete KYP training. It is mandatory.

Courses under Kushal Yuva Programme (KYP):

According to Bihar Skill Development Mission currently, three courses are running under Kushal Yuva Programme (KYP).

The KYP courses are as follows:-

  1. BS-CLS
  2. BS-CIT
  3. BS-CSS
A) BS-CLS Course

The courses are related to communication and language skills. It provides the following skills:-

  • English and Hindi reading and writing, also Speaking and Listening.
  • Vocabulary and Grammar, Sentance formation, Voice, Pronunciation, Communication both Verbal and Non-Verbal.

Following are the main module of BS-CLS Course:-

  • Telephone Conversation and Communications.
  • Interview Techniques.
  • Meeting at the workplace and Customer Services.
  • Safty.
B) BS-CIT Course

The BS-CIT Course is related to Information Technology (IT). This course offers IT Awareness, Literacy and Basic Computers Tools and Technology such as:-

  • MS-Windows 2010
  • Internet or Web Browsers
  • MS-Office 2013 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook).
  • Google Applications (Gmail, YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Play Books)
  • Open Office Writer, Calc, and Impress

Notes:- The Syllabus of this course is derived from an international standard like CCCS, NETS, NDLS, MS, etc.

Following are the main module of BS-CIT Course:-

  • Computer Basics
  • OS (MS-Windows 10)
  • Daily Life Skills
  • Citizenship Skills
  • Online Study Skills
  • Office Skills
  • Cyber Securities Skills
  • Basic IT Awareness
  • Typing Skills (Hindi and English)
  • Computer Ethics
  • Study Materials
C) BS-CSS Course

This course is related to Soft Skills and Life Skills, It provides the following concepts:

  • Improving your own skills.
  • Improving your personal, professional, and social life.

Following are the main module of BS-CSS Course:-

  • Self-Awareness and Management.
  • Personal and Interpersonal Skills
  • Time and Work Management
  • Set the Goal
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Documents Needed for Admission in KYP Courses:-

There are a list of documents which needed to take admission in any courses under KYP:-

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Residential Certificate
  3. Marksheet of 10th or 12th board
  4. Bank Passbook
  5. 2 piece Passport size photograph

What is Fess of KYP Course:-

All courses under KYP are free of cost. The students would not pay any amount for these courses, but they paid Rs:1000/- (One Thousand Rupees only) as security money at admission time.

This amount is refundable. It refunds to the Bank Account of the candidates after successfully complete his KYP training and must be passed to the examination. The examination will be conducted after one month of training completion.

The amount will not be refunded to that candidate who left the course before completing or also not refunded to the candidate who does not pass the final examinations even three attempts.

Admission Process of KYP Courses:-

The admission process for any course under KYP is quite simple as follows:-

  • Go to the DRCC office of your district with a copy of all documents and 2 pieces of the photo.
  • Submit all your documents.
  • After document verification, you will receive an admission receipt.
  • You can submit this admission receipt in your nearest SDC (Skill Development Center) from where you want to start the training.

2) Domain Skilling:-

Domain Skilling
Domain Skilling

This is another program of the Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM). It is a training which offers to enhance employment and self-employment. This training is attended by any type of person who is fresher or experienced.

Under Domain Skilling also different types of courses are running. We will discuss later all the courses.

 Objectives and Strategy of Domain Skilling:-

There are a list of objectives of this program some of the important objectives are written below:-

  • Scaling Up:- The main objective of Domain Skilling is to develop the youth skills capacity in State. Because, when develop the youth skill capacity the training capacity, stakeholder capacity, and financial capacity will automatically be developed in the State.
  • High inclusivity:-  The domain skilling improve the harness inclusivity and it reduces the discrimination in the state in various areas such as the male and female, rural and urban, traditional and contemporary workplace, etc.
  • Increasing Employability:- It launched lots of soft skill courses, which help to develop the employability of the youth in Bihar. The courses, such as:
    • Communications skills:- To develop the communication skills of the youth.
    • English:- To develop the English knowledge of youth.
    • Computer Literacy:- To develop knowledge in Computer fields.
    • It also provides placement support to develop the ecosystem in the state.

There is some important strategy of domain skilling. They are as follows:

  • Capacity Building
  • Standardized Process
  • Monitoring and Evolution
  • Assessment and Certifications
  • Quality based Training
  • Job Placement
  • Migration Support.

Course Under Domain Skilling:

Bihar Skill Development Mission provides 100+ courses under Domain Skilling programs. The courses are categorized for different areas, subjects, skills, training, etc.

Some courses under domain skilling are written below. You can click on the course name for more details.

If you want to see all courses under domain skilling click the below link.

All course under the domain skilling

Documents required for admission in the domain skilling courses

The list of required documents are written below. These documents must be valid because the documents will be verified by the SDC (Skill Development Centre).

  • Identity Proof (at least one)*
    • Aadhar Card
    • PAN Card
    • DL (Driving License)
    • Voter ID Card
    • Passport Card
    • NREGA Job Card
    • Health Insurance Smart Card
    • Physical Handicap Certificate
    • Passbook
    • Arm License
    • SC/ST/OBC Certificate
    • Property Document
    • Service Identity Card
  • Address Proof (at least one)*
    • Passport Card
    • DL (Driving License)
    • Bank Passbook
    • Property Document
    • Voter ID Card
    • Aadhar Card
    • Birth Certificate
    • Ration Card
    • Utility Bill (electricity bill, water bill, landline telephone bill, post-paid mobile bill, gas bill)
    • Municipal corp bill (property and water tax bill)
  • Education Qualification (10th to highest education)*
  • Age Proof (at least one)*
    • PAN Card
    • DL (Driving License)
    • Passport Card
    • Voter ID Card
    • Health Insurance Smart Card
    • Aadhar Card
    • Birth Certificate
    • Marksheet of class 5th and 8th.
    • Ration Card
  • Aadhar Card*
  • PAN Card
  • Cast Certificate (if applicable)
  • BPL Card (if applicable)
  • PWD Certificate (if applicable)
  • NREGA Job Card Number (if applicable)
  • BOCW Registration (if applicable)
  • 2 passport size photo*

Course-wise eligibility  for Domain Skilling;

To see course-wise eligibility simply click the below link-

What is Fess of Domain Skilling Course:-

Under Domain Skilling all the courses are also free of cost, but the candidate will pay Rs 1000/- (One thousand rupees only) as security money. This money will refund into a candidate bank account after successfully complete the course and must be passed in the final examination.

The candidate who left the course before its completion or felt in the final examination even 3 attempts, his money (Rs 1000/) will not be refunded.

Admission or Registration Process of Domain Skilling Courses:-

It has a total of 3 methods of taking admission or registration for the candidate. The candidate selects any one of these methods to take admission in domain skilling under any courses. The admission or registration process of any courses are the same.

  1. Self-registration by the candidate:- In this method, the candidate will register themselves using Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) official website.
  2. Candidate Registration by SDC Login:- In this method, the candidate registration is completed by the SDC (Skill Development Center). The candidates can not fill the form themselves for the registration or admission.
  3. Candidate Registration by Department Login:- In this method, the registration of the candidate is completed by any Department of the Domain Skilling. However, the candidates also can not complete the registration by himself.

FAQs of Bihar Skill Development Mission:-

What is the Skill Development Mission?

The Skill Development Mission offers good technical and professional skills for increasing employment and self-employment for young people.

What is the BSDM full Form?

The full form of BSDM is Bihar Skill Development Mission. This mission is launched by the government of Bihar to develop the employability for youth people.

What is BIHARSDM full Form?

The full form of BIHARSDM is also Bihar Skill Development Mission.

Why did the Bihar Skill Development Mission launch?

The main purpose of launching the Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) to enhance the soft skill of the young people in Bihar. The objective of this mission to develop employment and self-employment in Bihar and improve the economic condition.

What are the benefits of the Bihar Skill Development Mission?

There are lots of benefits to the Bihar Skill Development Mission. They are as follows:

  • It offers various programs, such as KYP, Domain Skilling.
  • To enhance the employability of the Bihar.
  • Under Bihar Skill Development Mission all courses are free of cost.
  • The candidate gets benefits of various course in his Block, City or District.
  • Bihar Skill Development Mission also offers job placement at candidates home town.

What is the Bihar Skill Development Mission course?

The Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM)  offers various courses like KYP, Domain Skilling, GST Training, etc. All courses under Bihar Skill Development Mission are absolutely free of cost. The candidate will no pay any amount for these courses.

Are Bihar Skill Development Missin courses free of cost?

Yes, all the courses under Bihar Skill Development Mission are free of costs. The candidate will not pay any amount for these courses.

How many numbers of courses come under Bihar Skill Development Missin?

Under Bihar Skill Development Mission has 100+ courses. For more details visit the link below:

All course of BSDM.

What is KYP?

KYP stands for Kushal Yuva Program. This is one of the parts of  7 commitments of Chief Minister of Bihar”  launched by the Chief Minister of Bihar. The mission of this program to improve the soft skills of the youth people of Bihar.


I hope guys, after reading this article you have gain lots of knowledge about the Bihar Skill Development Mission. However, if you have any query you can write your query in the comment box. I will try to answer your query.

For more detail visit the Bihar Skill Development Mission Official Website:- https://skillmissionbihar.org/

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